Boom Boom Shake is excited to announce that we are working on our new album "Janus" and will be debuting its release March 10th at Palaia Vineyards! 

BBS began as a collaboration between Elizabeth and Shane in 2010 in an effort to create fun drum solos and drum duets. Since then it has grown and evolved into a multi instrumental music and dance performance project featuring several guest performers such as Sera Solstice, Sarah Jezebel Wood, Lacey Sanchez, Hannah Nour, Rio, Nikki Raqs, Nina Amaya, Diana Susanto, Liron Peled, Devin Deversa, Zeb Kandros, Sean Hansen, Chuck Torres, Scott Waters, and Josh Benash.


"Janus"...Coming March 2017!


Boom Boom Shake

Boom Boom Shake