​"BBS brings an old style of both music and dance. Almost like an archeological dig, they bring it forth to light, having it reborn in the now, with modernized moves and beats, interspersed with the ancient ones; so there's a constant play of tag with the old and the new.” -Veldrina, New York Renaissance Faire Bellydancer

“Boom boom shake, a magical duo and col- laborates, has released an unexpected blend of Arabic rhythms, jazz and rhythm guitar. The album has a slight Latin feel without tip- ping too much in that direction and is sur- prisingly mostly acoustic, instrumental. I say surprisingly because I know the contributing personalities are versatile artists that utilize a range of styles and influence.” - Shivati's Reel Bellydance Blog

Photo by David Fimbres



Blending traditional Middle Eastern music and dance with a modern vibe, Boom Boom Shake (BBS) brings you a show that is vivid and engaging. Enjoy every moment, as these bold characters take your spirit and imagination on an incredible journey with their awe inspiring rhythms and entertaining performance! Elizabeth and Shane demonstrate an extensive array of aptitude and talent; as they play electrifying doumbek duets, fascinate you with sassy sword and fiery veil dances, and inspire you with unforgettable guitar melodies and spectacular drumming.